National clinical research school in chronic inflammatory diseases

The fifth and last round of admissions to this national research school were done in March 2020 and the program ends in August 2022.

About the Research School

The NCRSCID Research School was an initiative from the Swedish Research Council in 2012 to boost doctoral education and training in research on chronic inflammatory diseases. NCRSCID Research school in national and is hosted by the Karolinska Institutet. Since the start in 2013, 97 doctoral students from all over Sweden have participated in doctoral courses and numerous of exclusive workshops with clinical and scientific relevance to their own research. Hopefully this has contributed to form a strong core for the future Swedish faculty of translational research in chronic inflammatory diseases.

The core of our two-year programs has been research training in three settings: 

  • courses
  • workshops & network-building activities
  • interactive web-based activities. 

The activities are spread out over a two-year period, facilitating development of a solid scientific basis for the students’ research projects. The aim is to provide the enrolled students with tools to develop means for prevention of chronic inflammatory diseases and new treatment options for patients and implement obtained scientific knowledge in a clinical setting. 


The fifth and last round of admissions were done in March 2020 and the program ends in August 2022.



Cecilia Aulin

Research School Director

Helena Erlandsson Harris

Head of research School