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New delegation regarding the duties of the pro-vice-chancellor

One element of streamlining the work of KI’s management in order to better meet future requirements from staff, students and society at large, has been to concentrate the role of the vice-chancellor to that of head of the agency. As a result of this, there is now a need to redistribute further duties between the vice-chancellor and pro-vice-chancellor.

Executive management

In addition to the vice-chancellor, the organisation’s executive management consists of the pro-vice-chancellor and the university director, who has overall responsibility for KI’s administrative, legal and financial support and processes.

The new division of responsibilities

The proposed division of responsibilities is supported by both the Board of Karolinska Institutet and employee organisations, and among other things means that Karin Dahlman-Wright will assume responsibility for Karolinska Institutet’s internal organisation; supervision of heads of department, head of Swetox, and responsibility for work environment, equality and environmental management issues and quality-assurance work.

In addition, the pro-vice-chancellor will be responsible for certain major collaborative projects, such as SciLifeLab, and for coordinating the preparation of cooperation with Stockholm County Council.