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Information and updates from the Facility Management unit.

Furniture and shelves

Orders for additional furniture and shelves have been placed. Delivery date is still pending but will be posted as soon as available.

New lab coats - update

Please note that the lab coats that have been delivered so far have been of poor quality. In addition there were too few lab coats available, thus we now have lab coats with the SLL logotype.
We are currently discussing the matter with Textilia and hope to have new lab coats in the right designs delivered soon.

KI has a new frame agreement for labcoats with Textilia. The new labcoats will be available in three different designs:

  • white ordinary
  • white/yellow to be used in cell culture labs
  • blue only to be used in BSL3-labs

The ordering of lab coats will be handled by FM and will be available in the room for clean lab glass ware as soon as they have been delivered to Biomedicum.

E-procurement and purchase coordination

At Karolinska Institutet, you need to use frame agreements or make a procurement if you want to buy a product or service. The easiest way to buy a product is to order it via Karolinska Institutet's ordering system UBW.

FM now offers assistance and support in procurement errands. We also have the possibility to support you when you need to do direct awards or have deviations from a frame agreement.

Place a ticket in FM Helpdesk and we will get back to you.

Additional cooling devices

Additional cooling devices for the apparatus/freezer niches in the quarters have been ordered and will be installed by Akademiska Hus as soon as available.

Power sockets

Extra power sockets have been ordered and will be installed in labs having requested them as soon as they are delivered to Biomedicum.

Don't forget to pick up the fruit you have ordered!

Please remember to pick up the fruit that you have ordered. The fruit is delivered to floor 2, room F0220, just outside the Archive, and you have to pick it up from there.

All fruit that is left on Friday afternoon will be discarded.

Dark room - new contact person


There are two dark rooms on floor 2, room B0210 and room B0213. The rooms are to be used as drop-in labs, but cannot be booked in advance.

Before starting to work in the dark rooms you need to contact FM Helpdesk (contact person is Ahmad Moshref) for a general introduction to the facility.

FM also supports the dark room facility by weekly discarding the waste, rinsing the developer machines, ordering more developer and fix solutions when needed.

New mailboxes in every quarter

Mailboxes have recently been intalled in every quarter. FM will help marking the mailboxes according to each quarter's preferences.

Furthermore the delivery site will be equipped with deeper shelves for smoother delivery of goods.

Contact person:



Ahmad Moshref

Telefon:08-524 876 67



Routine for internal deliveries of packages in Biomedicum

From November 5 there's a new routine for the internal delivery of parcels within Biomedicum. The recipient will receive an email when a parcel arrives at the cargo reception. The parcel will be delivered to the quarter’s respective delivery location. There also is a routine for refrigerated and frozen parcels.

Internal delivery of parcels within Biomedicum

Change of battery in personal lockers


From Jan 14 representatives from Swestyle will come to Biomedicum to update and change the batteries in the personal lockers (by the desk and on the wall).

They will start on floor 9 and work their way down and it only takes a couple of minutes per locker. They will unlock and then lock the locker, so you don´t have to be present.
If you want to, you can remove your personal belongings.

Biomedicum garage

The Biomedicum garage has a total of145 parking spaces, of which 30 are suitable for charging electric vehicles. The heated garage will be open 24 hours a day with video surveillance and with regular checks by a security guard. The address is Solnavägen 11, 171 65 Solna.

Download pricelist (pdf)


Elisabet Linder,
Academiska Hus
Telefon: 08-685 76 60

Eva Palmer