Nudging for Sustainable Change - KI DEVREG Salon

This TEDx-inspired salon event was organized by DEVREG Doctoral Programme in collaboration with Kliniskt Forskningscentrum (KFC) on 10th of December, 2018.

Ever heard of nudging, the science behind Richard Thalers Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics 2017? It is recognized as an effective method to support behavioral changes and guide people in making better choices. A nudge is best described as a friendly – not compulsive – push in the right direction. It is a way to encourage people to make conscious choices and make it easier to do what’s right.

Can we learn from this when doing preclinical or clinical research related to medicine, being in the lab all day or meeting patients?

We invited Katharina Paoli, one of the most well-renowned nudging experts in Sweden. She is also the Managing Director of A Win Win World, founder of the Nudging Sweden network and member of the Climate Reality Leadership Corps – Al Gore’s global network of leaders committed to deal with the climate issue. In her presentation, Katharina explained what nudging is about, shared real-world examples, cleared out common misunderstandings and shared how you could think to apply nudging in practice. There was also a moderated Q&A session with Katharina directly after her presentation.

Some takeaways: Keep it simple, intuitive and emotionally engaging - on a “system 1” level which is easier to process for our brains.