Agneta Richter-Dahlfors, foto: Stefan Zimmerman

Agneta Richter Dahlfors


Research description

Situated in the Biomedicum building on KI Campus Solna, Richter-Dahlfors’ research group embraces scientists with expertise in micro­biology/infection, neuroscience, and medicine as well as chemistry, organic- and micro­electronics. Via extensive engagement in national and international multidisciplinary collaborations, we focus on defining the integrated pathophysiology of bacterial infections, and on generating novel technologies for neuromodulation.

Tissue microbiology reveals the integrated pathophysiology of infection: By applying a panel of intravital techniques (e.g. intravital 2-photon microscopy, amperometric bio­sensors), we study the real-time dynamics of the infection process within the organ at high resolution using uropathogenic E. coli-induced pyelonephritis as model. Our work aids in establishing the emerging field ‘tissue micro­biology’ advances the development of biomimetic tools for complementary in vitro studies focuses on developing bio­sensors for hospital-acquired infections. 

Organic bioelectronics in nanomedicine: We recently demonstrated the use of conducting polymers for precise, non-convective, electrophoretic delivery of signal substances, such as ions and neurotransmitters. Analogously to the function of neurons, the device mimics the action potential causing release of chemical substances into the synaptic cleft. We currently focus on integrating this technology as a novel machine-to-brain interface and as an implantable neuromodulation technology.