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Agustin Corbat

Postdoctoral studies

My focus is set on the design of experiments and simulations to adequately describe and evaluate how information flows through a biological network in order to make quantitative predictions.

About me

I received my PhD in Physics in August 2021 at the University of Buenos Aires in Argentina where I studied how signals travel throughout the apoptotic network by implementing FRET based biosensors to image simultaneously activity corresponding to three caspases in single cells. I used this information to improve previously developed mathematical models describing the reactions involved in the complete apoptotic cascade. During my PhD, I was also involved in designing open-science prototypes such as 3D-printed filter wheels to adapt custom and commercial microscopes.

Research description

I joined Emma Andersson's Lab in April 2022 as a postdoc. I am deeply interested in understanding how information travels and is processed by cells to achieve the architecture tissues and organs need to be functional. By applying advanced microscopy techniques and live imaging I aim to understand how Notch intercellular communication determines the fate of neighboring cells to achieve such specific patterns.