About me

I joined Receptor Biology and Signaling group at the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology in the beginning of January 2019 as a postdoctoral fellow. My background is in pharmacy from the University of Helsinki Finland, and I did also my Ph.D. there focusing on computational drug discovery and GPCR pharmacology (supervisors Henri Xhaard and Jyrki P. Kukkonen).

Research description

Generally, I am fascinated by atom-level understanding of the functions of the physiologically relevant membrane proteins - especially GPCRs - and the opportunities, which such understanding opens for drug discovery. In context of Frizzleds I aim to understand and target those receptor subtypes that play a role in human diseases using variety of computational drug discovery approaches as well as cell-based tools.


B.Sc.  (in Pharmacy), University of Helsinki, Finland, 2008

M.Sc. (in Pharmacy), University of Helsinki, Finland, 2010

Ph.D. (in Pharmacy), University of Helsinki, Finland, 2018