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PUBLICATIONS, see reference list. Additional publications, see below.

Additional publications:


Lindgren C, Ståhle A, Halvarsson A. Long-term effects of self-reported physical function and disability after participation in an individually adjusted and specific progressive balance training programme for older adults with fear of falling and tendency to fall. E-published January 2018.

Thorberg M, Ståhle A, Halvarsson A. An analysis of the ability to take a rapid step forward, concerns about falling and balance in a group of older people with osteoporosis – a cross sectional study. European Journal of physiotherapy. E-published september 2017.

Löfgren N, Halvarsson A, Ståhle A, Franzén E. Gait characteristics in older women with osteoporosis and fear of falling. European Journal of physiotherapy, 2013;15:139-145.


Skavberg Roaldsen K, Halvarsson A. Reliability of the Swedish Version of the Evidence-Based Practice Attitude Scale Assessing Physiotherapist’s Attitudes to Implementation of Evidence-Based Practice. Submitted

Halvarsson A, Seth M, Tegern M, Broman L, Larsson H. Musculoskeletal complaints and injuries and perceived health among soldiers in Swedish Armed Forces -Prevalence and comparison between 2002 and 2012. Submitted. 

Halvarsson A, Dohrn I-M, Skavberg Roaldsen K, Nilsen P, Ståhle A. Stay Balanced: Implementation of Evidence-Based Fall Prevention Balance Training – Hybrid Type 3 Trial. Submitted.

In manuscript:

Hamed, Skavberg Roaldsen, Halvarsson. Fear of falling is a jeopardizer and a safeguarder - conceptualization of the phrase fear of falling in women with osteoporosis, a qualitative study

Halen, Gripenberg, Dohrn, Skavberg Roaldsen, Halvarsson. Designing an intervention to trigger individual changes with an impact on society

Halvarsson, Dohrn, Nielsen, Skavberg Roaldsen. Evaluation of the implementation process of ”Stay Balanced” into physical therapy primary care setting- a pilot study.

Sellberg M, Skavberg Roaldsen K, Nygren Bonnier M, Halvarsson A. Feedback in a clinical context; inspiring in tailwind, a challenge in headwind

Sellberg M, Elmberger A, Bolander Laksov K, Halvarsson A. Clinical integrated learning in a pressured health care – a holistic approach for clinical supervision

Sönnerfors, Wadell, Dohrn, Nyberg, Runold, Halvarsson. Evidenced based training and contact with Physiotherapist using an eHealth concept in a home environment. A feasibility study in patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and oxygen treatment.

Book chapter: (in swedish)

Chapter: Balance training in book: Osteoprosis– fractures and training. Publised 10 april 2019. Editor: Ingrid Bergström, Publisher: Studentlitteratur.

Teaching portfolio

Pedagogical courses on university-level

2015       Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (GHPD), KI.

2016       Web Course for supervisors for doctoral students at KI.

2016       Introductory Doctoral Supervision Course, KI

2016       “Från PEK till praktik” pedagogical leadership course with associate                          professor Klara Bolander Laksov. Development and implementation of                  a pedagogical tool in clinical practice. 4,5 Hp. 

Teaching activities

2015 – ongoing: Clinical teacher in the Physiotherapy program, Karolinska Intitutet, i.e. provide clinical lectures, support both clinical supervisors and student’s. Perform several forms of examinations.


2012, main supervisor for 1 Bachelor project, 2013-2014, co-supervisor for 4 Master’s project

2015-2017, main supervisor, for 5 Master’s project. 2018- ongoing main supervisor to PhD student P Sönnerfors. 2018 – ongoing co-supervisor to PhD student M Sellberg


2005, Bachelor degree in physiotherapy, Karolinska Institutet.

2010, Masters degree in clincial medical science (120Hp), Karolinska Institutet.

2015, Doctoral degree in Medical Science, KI. Thesis title: Fall-related concerns, balance and gait in older adults with osteoporosis

2017, Specialist certification in physiotherapy, elderly health


2015- 2016 Post doc, (40-50%) Div of Physiotherapy, Dept NVS, KI, Supervisor: Agneta Ståhle. 

2017-2018 Postdoc, 50%, “ALF postdok tjänst” Karolinska University Hospital.

2016-2018  Post doc (20-40%) Div of Physiotherapy, Dept NVS, KI, Supervisor: Helena Larsson

Academic honours, awards and prizes

In 2015, I received the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT) outstanding poster presentation award from the European Region in respect of the abstract “Long-term effects of a progrsssive and specific balance-training programme with multi-task exercises for older adults with osteoporosis” presented at the WCPT Congress in Singapore 2015.

In 2017, I received Karolina Prize  – Exemplary education and supervision contribution, Karolinska University Hospital.

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