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Alina Aaltonen

PhD student

I am a doctoral student at the Karolinska Institute, focused on the pathophysiology of striatal circuits in autism spectrum disorders.

About me

I am interested in brain development and developmental processes resulting in normal and abnormal brain function.  I work with transgenic mouse models in order to study the cause of key symptoms of autism spectrum disorders.

Research description

My doctoral project is involved in trying to identify whether dysregulated protein synthesis may give rise to various symptoms of autism spectrum disorders.  I also aim to determine whether there is an imbalance between striatal circuits in autism that may result in motor-related behavioural abnormalities such as repetitive behaviours.  I am using the eIF4E Tg mouse model of autism, and performing whole-cell slice electrophysiology, biochemical and behavioural experiments in order to determine the neuronal circuits that result in autism-like repetitive behaviours in the eFI4E mice.


Bsc (Hons) in Medical Sciences from University of Edinburgh, and Msc (by research) in Neuroscience from University of Edinburgh.