Allison McMahan

Allison McMahan

PhD Student

Research description

Psychologist and doctoral student with the PhD project: Internet delivered Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for individuals at risk of committing child sexual abuse. Project coordinator for the English version of Prevent It 2.0, a global internet-based CBT program designed to reduce the risk of child sexual abuse and exploitation by treating individuals with unwanted sexual urges towards children. 

McMahan, A., Roche, K., Dreyhaupt, R., Seto, M. C., & Rahm, C.. (2023). Changes in sexual thoughts and behaviors in a clinical sample of child sexual abuse material users under the COVID-19 pandemic. Sexual and Relationship Therapy, 1–21.

Lätth, J., Landgren, V., McMahan, A., Sparre, C., Eriksson, J., Malki, K., Görts-Öberg, K., Rozental, A., Kaldo, V., Andersson, G., Långström, N., Rahm, C. (2022). Effects of internet-delivered cognitive behavioral therapy on use of child sexual abuse material: A randomized placebo-controlled trial on the Darknet. Internet Interventions

Bayram, G., McMahan, A., Juth, N., & Rahm, C. (2021). Health care professionals’ view on pedophilic disorder: a qualitative  study. Sexual and Relationship Therapy. 

McMahan, A., Sparre, C., Söderquist, E., Arver, S., Andersson, G., Kaldo, V., Görts-Öberg, K., Rahm, C. (2020). Illegal Online Sexual Behavior During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Call for  Action Based on Experiences From the Ongoing Prevent It Research Study. Archives of Sexual Behavior