András Matolcsy, Semmelweis University (HU)

András Matolcsy

Visiting professor

About me

Visiting Professor of Pathology at the Department of Laboratory Medicine from January 1, 2020, Primary position: Professor and Head of the Department of Pathology and Experimental Cancer Research, Semmelweis University, Hungary,

Research description

Professor András Matolcsy has been a leading cancer researcher for almost four decades. He has focused primarily on lymphoma and leukemia and is particularly interested in the transformation from indolent cancer to an aggressive, fast-growing form with a much worse prognosis. Matolcsy has made some very important findings in this area, including the cells’ heterogeneity in cancer and the evolution of drug resistance.

András Matolcsy heads the Department of Pathology and Experimental Cancer Research at Semmelweis University with a staff of more than 100. One current major project at the department is systematically charting cancer genetics in Hungary compared to international data. Preliminary results show that some cancers show significant similarity in different parts of the world, while other cancer diagnoses show significant geographical differences, especially in terms of the number of mutations.

Text: From Cell to Society, 2020