Research description

As a project coordinator, I am involved in several Swedish, Scandinavian, and European research studies which are focused on environmental hazards and novel approaches of analyses, data visualisation and communication to results to general audience. Recent projects are listed below:

Collaborative project(s) of IMM/CAMM:

  • How are Stockholmers affected by reduced aviation noise? Bromma noise study (in Swedish)
  • Miljöhälsa Online - online tool of easy access to up-to-date environmental health data from Stockholm County, primarily for municipal and regional politicians and civil servants (in Swedish)
  • SCAPIS noise and air pollution (in Swedish)
  • Traffic noise, air pollution and urban greenery and cardiovascular disease in women (in Swedish)

Project(s) for Swedish Environmental Protection Agency:

  • Traffic noise in the population: Exposure, vulnerable groups and annoyance (in Swedish) — 2018...2020
  • The outdoor air in Stockholm County: Exposure, vulnerable groups and problems (in Swedish) — 2018...2020
  • Exposure to perfluorinated substances from own well; blood test study in the population around Visby airport (in Swedish) — 2019...2020
  • National exposure to greenness over the last 30 years — (ongoing) 2020...

Scandinavian project(s):

Scandinavian project(s):

During my PhD project 2012-2018, I have studied the possible health effects of transportation noise exposure in adults, with the aim to assess metabolic and cardiovascular effects of noise exposure from road traffic, railway and aircraft. Particular focus was on interactions with traffic-related air pollution and other risk factors of CVD and metabolic outcomes. Together with colleagues, we developed unique methodologies for detailed estimation of individual long-term exposure to noise and air pollution which was combined with a number of large and well-characterized epidemiologic materials from Stockholm County. 



2018, May 18 - Thesis defence: Long-term exposure to transportation noise in relation to metabolic and cardiovascular outcomes (.pdf)

2012...2018 — PhD program in MEDICAL SCIENCE at IMM, KI

2011 — Research Preparatory Course in Epidemiology, IMM, KI

2010 — MD. General Medicine, Belarus State Medical University, Minsk, Belarus.