Anette Hulth

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Research description

Dr. Anette Hulth’s research is focused on containment of antibiotic resistance. Among other activities, she is principal investigator for a collaboration with China, funded by the Swedish Research Council and National Natural Science Foundation of China. The project brings together a wide range of expertise in Sweden and China in the area of antibiotic use and resistance. Main areas included in the collaboration are knowledge, attitudes and practice concerning human and animal antibiotic use; distribution of resistant bacteria and genetic elements within the human, animal, environmental and health care sectors; design, implementation and evaluation of strategies to promote rational use of antibiotics and to limit the spread of antibiotic resistance in all sectors.   Before moving into the area of antibiotic resistance, Dr. Hulth research contributed to improved communicable disease surveillance using new technology. Within the field of syndromic surveillance, she developed a fully automatic surveillance system based on queries submitted by the general public to a national medical website, a system which has been in routine use at the Public Health Agency of Sweden since 2009. She has also worked with computer supported outbreak detection and mobile-based surveillance in resource-limited settings.   Dr. Hulth received a PhD from Stockholm University in 2004, with a thesis on automatic keyword extraction. She has worked at the Public Health Agency of Sweden (former Swedish Institute for Communicable Disease Control) since 2006. Dr. Hulth is affiliated to the Department of Public Health Sciences, Global Health at Karolinska Institutet.

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