Anika Wiegard

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About me

Molecular details of regulatory processes have always fascinated me. I studied Biology at Humboldt University Berlin, where I started to work with Cyanobacteria, a diverse group of bacteria, which can convert sunlight to energy. They can coordinate their daily life using a circadian clock and I decided to investigate details of this protein driven regulation for my PhD in Biology at Humboldt University Berlin. Together with my previous PI Ilka Axmann, I moved to Heinrich Heine University Duesseldorf and continued to work on cyanobacterial timing systems in my first PostDoc years. I received short-term fellowships (EMBO, HeRA and CEPLAS) to do research in the group of Kazuki Terauchi at Ritsumeikan University in Japan for 3 month each in 2016 and 2017. This experience fostered my interested in working abroad. Because of my strong interest in investigating the mechanism of regulatory proteins to understand and manipulate complex cellular processes, I joined Lauras group in 2018. Here, I am investigating torsional stress as a layer of gene regulation and its control by topoisomerases, which serve as an outstanding model system to combine high impact fundamental research on regulatory proteins with an applied goal in cancer therapy. In my current project, I mainly focus on the regulation of topoisomerases by protein interaction partners. I am combining in vivo analysis (cell cycle and microscopic analysis) with in vitro studies (interaction and activity assays).

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