Anita McAllister

Senior lecturer/speech and language pathologist

About me

Speech and language pathologist since 1985. Educated at Karolinska Institutet. From 1986 to 2003 I worked at Danderyd hospital and started the Oral Motor Clinic, now the Oral Motor Center, in cooperation with speech and language pathologists and dental surgeon Martha Björnström. I defended my PhD thesis titled, Acoustic perceptual and physiological aspects of ten-year-old children’s voices at KI 1997. Worked at Linköping University between 2003 and 2013. Started and was in charge of the SLP education at Linköping University between 2003 och 2011. Promoted to associate professor at Linköping University 2008. Associate professor at KI 2014.  

Clinical work has focused on assessment and treatment of children with voice, speech and oralmotor disorders.

Interested in pedagogical development and interprofessional learning (IPL). Participated in the expansion of an internet-based website for students, PUMA and in the development of an interprofessional day for all students starting their education at KI.

Research description

The research focuses on two main areas, assessment and differential diagnostic criteria for children with a speech motor impairment and also vocal function and voice problems in children related to individual and environmental factors. 


  • Develop methods to assess speech motor disorders in children
  • Investigate motor disorders in children with suspected or diagnosed ASD
  • Investigate and evaluate intra-oral treatment for elderly patients with dysphagia post stroke, https://aldretandvard.ki.se/forskning-vid-act/

National and international cooperation

Teaching portfolio

Current teaching

- Medicin 2, 4,5 hp, semester 2

- Voice and speech motor impairment, 10,5 hp, semester 5

- Student thesis work, 30 hp, semester 8

Supervice and examine students in the master thesis projects.