About me

Areas of responsibility • Contracts manager • Responsible for co-financing • Responsible for making budget templates in line with MEB policies • Responsible for checking and approving of all application budgets. • Responsible for ”avtalsreskontran”

Working tasks in short • General financial work in all areas. • Handling of contractual issues • Co-financing: calculations, documentation, handling • Checking and approving of all application budgets • Counseling and/or information to researcher before applying regarding rules, budgets, etc. • Make or check and approve financial reports to national and international funding agencies. • Make project follow-ups for all researchers (financies and personnel). • Make project budgets after funding is granted together with researcher. • Make requests for payments for different funding agencies.

Other • Safety representative and union representative (SACO)


  • Finance (business administration; accounting I + II; financial management; financial analysis; financial management public sector; public finances - budgeting, accounting, business management; personnel finance) /75.0 p /
  • Statistics /45.0 p /
  • Law (legal line year 1) /30.0 p /
  • Computer Science and Programming I + II / 15.0 p /
  • Business English /7.5 p /
  • Management, organization, collaboration /7.5 p /