Ann-Helen Patomella

Senior lecturer/occupational therapist

About me

I am acting Head of the Division of Occupational Therapy at the Department of NVS, KI. I am an Associate Professor, occupational therapist, researcher and senior Lecturer. I defended my thesis 2008 and the title of my thesis was: Driving ability among people with stroke (

My ongoing research is focusing on mobility (driving and general mobility for older adults) and prevention of stroke. I am mainly teaching in master courses (scientific methods). 


Teaching portfolio

I have been teaching in occupational therapy since 2008 and currently I am teaching in master courses on measurement, methods and occupational therapy. I am module coordinator in the European Master of Occupational Therapy, module 5. 


1998 BSc in Occupational Therapy

2002 MSc in Occupational Therapy

2008 PhD in Occupational Therapy


Academic honours, awards and prizes

2020 Docent in Occupational Therapy