Research description

More than 60% of the European adult population is overweight or obese, including persons aged 65 and above. Although the negative effect of midlife obesity is well known, the implication of obesity on late life health is less well understood and need to be further researched. I use population-based studies that originate from the Swedish Twin Registry (SATSA, OCTO-Twin, and Gender) containing data ranging over 65 years and including 2061 persons to study the association between weight trajectories over the life span and health in late life. Further, causal pathways between obesity and health such as genes and life style factors are studied. This project gives a unique opportunity to achieve a holistic view on weight and health over the life span and I posit that a life course perspective on weight is crucial in understanding the implications of the obesity epidemic on the ageing population.

Ongoing research projects

  • OCTO-twin
  • Gender


  • 2009 Ph.D. Gerontology, Institute of Gerontology, School of Health Sciences, Jönköping University, Sweden