Picture of Anna Navis, October 2021.

Anna Navis

Research Specialist

Responsible for precision edits within the Karolinska Genome Engineering facility.

About me

After a PhD in neuro-oncology in The Netherlands, I did a postdoctoral project at the division of Molecular Neurobiology in which we used CRISPR to generate reporter lines and perform a genome-wide knock-out screen to study transcriptional regulation in glioblastoma.

Inspired by the CRISPR technology, I joined the Karolinska Genome Engineering (KGE) and CRISPR Functional Genomics (CFG) facilities in August 2020.

Research description

My work within KGE includes the generation of knock-outs and the creation of point mutations and reporter lines by either HDR or prime editing.

Questions regarding our Neon electroporation system or our droplet digital PCR (ddPCR) can be addressed to me.

Please see our webpage for more details or contact KGE