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Anna-Karin Danielsson Foto: Markus Marcetic

Anna-Karin Danielsson

Assistant professor

Department and organisational affiliation:

Research description

Alcohol and drug epidemiological research.

Currently PI of the program "Alcohol, tobacco and drug use: From predictors to policy and practice" and the project "Health and social effects of cannabis use: What can we learn from population based surveys?", both funded by the Swedish Council for Working Life and Social Research. My research focuses on identifying predictors of adolescent alcohol and drug use, as well as on examining the long term consequences of use. 

I am also involved in the Global Burden of Disease project, collecting and presenting alcohol and drug consumption data for Sweden, doing comparative studies between countries, and working in close collaboration with the Institute of Population Health Metrics, Seattle, US and with several alcohol and drug researchers in e.g. the Nordic countries.


Published reports (last 5 years):

Danielsson AK, Olsson P & Allebeck P (2019). Cannabis: harmlös rekreation eller farlig drog? Forskning i korthet # 12.

Agardh E, Danielsson AK, Guban P, Kellerborg K, Lager A, Rabiee R & Allebeck P (2017). Sjukdomsbörda och riskfaktorer i Stockholms län 1990 och 2015. Resultat från den globala sjukdomsbördestudien (GBD). KI & CES.

Danielsson AK & Allebeck P (2015). Cannabis i Stockholms län. Konsumtion och konsekvenser. Centrum för epidemiologi och samhällsmedicin. Stockholms läns landsting. Rapport 2015:1.

Arvidsson, LB et al. (2014) e-stöd för områdena alkohol, tobak och spel. Framtida plattform för drift, utveckling och finansiering av Sluta-Röka-Linjen, Alkohollinjen, Alkoholhjälpen & Stödlinjen för spelare & anhöriga. Författare till kapitel 5, Evidensbas (Danielsson AK)

Boman U, Allebeck P & Danielsson AK (2014) Hur gick det med Luma-projektet? - en tvåårsuppföljning av de 25 kommuner som under 2009 och 2010 deltog i LUMA-projektet

Teaching portfolio

  • Course leader/supervisor/examiner/teacher for Bachelor and Master course students in Public Health Science/Global Health 2013-ff


Associate Professor of Public Health Science, Karolinska Institutet, 2018

Doctoral education, Karolinska Institutet,  PhD in Social medicine, 2011  

Academic honours, awards and prizes

External research funding obtained as main applicant (last 5 years):

  • Systembolagets Alkoholforskningsråd (SRA), 2018+2019, Glasklart och iBAC: att mäta alkoholkonsumtion och behandla alkoholproblem
  • Martin Rinds Stiftelse, 2018, Cannabis use: understanding pathways to other illicit drug use, drug use-related morbidity and dependence
  • Forte, 2016, Alcohol, tobacco and drug use: From predictors to policy and practice
  • Forte, 2014, Health and social effects of cannabis use: What can we learn from population based surveys?

External research funding obtained as co-applicant (last 5 years):

  • Forte, 2019, Alcohol dependence: level of consumption, severity of dependence, health status and treatment impact on long term outcomes
  • Forte, 2019, Alcohol- and drug related disease burden in Nordic countries: Health achievements in view of policy changes
  • Systembolagets Alkoholforskningsråd (SRA), 2017+2018. Alcohol misuse and Autism Spectrum Disorders: co-occurrence, treatment obstacles
  • Forte 2017. Cannabis use among young people in Sweden – patterns, correlates and harm
  • Forte 2017. Population-based studies of the incidence, prevalence and consequences of posttraumatic stress disorder in the changing demographic landscape of Sweden.
  • Systembolagets Alkoholforskningsfond (SRA), 2015, Alcohol and disease burden in the Nordic countries: The impact of age and sex
  • Systembolagets Alkoholforskningsråd (SRA), 2014, A new method for comparative studies on alcohol-related burden of disease.
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