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About me

I am an Associate professor at Karolinska Institutet (KI). I am a registered physiotherapist and defended my thesis on anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with two different types of grafts and two different rehabilitation models in 2007 at KI. In 2008, I was recruited as the head of the Division of Physiotherapy, Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society. When I received a major research grant 2013 (distributed over 4 years) from the Center for Sport Research, I instead became the Deputy Head of Division. This position was held until April 2018.

Research description

My research is currently focused on mapping to what extent and how often our young top elite athletes, studying at Swedish sport colleges, is injured. My group also focuses on mapping out risk factors for injury and unhealth problems, such as exercise volume, exercise intensity but also other factors such as physical function, stress, sleeping and eating habits and self-esteem. We are also studying possible gender differences. Within the project, I currently have one PhD student who specifically studies the association between physical function and risk of injury. In 2017, another doctoral student who worked in the project defended his thesis entitled "Injuries, risk factors, consequences and injury perceptions in adolescent elite athletes". In addition, I am a the co-supervisor of one PhD student studying early functional rehabilitation after Achilles tendon surgery and one doctoral student comparing high and low intensity exercise in patients with knee joint arthritis. I have mainly received funding for my research from the Center for Sport Research.


Teaching portfolio

I teach in areas involving physical therapy, sports medicine, rehabilitation after sport injuries and in the field of strength training. During the last 10 years I have designed and developed courses and implemented different types of examinations in courses on both basic and advanced level. I have been involved in creating two new educational programs in physiotherapy (2007 and 2015). For several years, I have been in charge of the education at the Division of physiotherapy, which includes ensuring high educational skills for the involved teachers, but also that the courses are of excellent quality. I am currently a lecturer and examiner for the course “Yoga exercises as a complementary treatment in different diseases”, 7.5 ECTS credits. This is the first course in yoga conducted at a medical university in Europe. In 2010, I received the award as the best teacher at the Physiotherapy program.


2015 Associate professor in Physiotherapy

2007 PhD in Medical Science, Sportsmedicine, Karolinska Institutet

2003 Specialist competence in Sportsmedicine

1988 Bachelor degree in Physiotherapy, Göteborgs Vårdhögsskola

Academic honours, awards and prizes

2018 Editor, together with Eva Rasmussen-Barr, for the book ”Idrottsskada – från prevention till säker återgång i idrott”, Studentlitteratur.

2017 - ongoing: chairman of the Division of Physiotherapy within the Swedish Association of sports medicine and physical activity (SFAIM)

2017 - ongoing: member of the board in the Swedish Association of sports medicine and physical activity (SFAIM)

2010 Elected to the ”teacher of the year” at the Physiotherapyprogram at Karolinska Institutet.

2010 Elected to the best speaker, outside the hosting country, at “The Scandinavian Congress in medicine and science in sports”, Danmark.

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