Annina Ropponen

Principal researcher

I'm a principal researcher at Pia Svedberg's research group and docent in public health.

About me

I'm a very committed person (both at work and outside work), follow high standards for my work, requiring much from myself but also encouraging my collaborating partners to strive high. At my leisure-time, I do some scientific writing, but also spend time with my teenager and adult kid (and husband) and do as much sports as I can. I enjoy very much baking and cooking. In particular, I love having fun, verbal acrobatics and my motto is "things usually sort out".

Research description

I did my post doc period in 2006-2012 both in Karolinska Institutet and in University of Eastern Finland (Kuopio) in collaboration with University of Helsinki. During the postdoc period, I was the head of the research project for risk factors of disability pensions due to musculoskeletal diagnoses. Beyond my own project, I have been involved in other projects for investigating sickness absence and disability pensions since the beginning of my post doc period including some future plans for Nordic collaboration. From January 2013 to May 2021, I worked as a specialized research scientist and senior researcher in Finnish Instute of Occupational Health (FIOH) and was involved in various research projects for investigating working hours mainly in shift work. Since June 2021 I have worked as research professor of assessment of work loading at FIOH (please see my publication list for current activities both at FIOH and KI). Throughout my scientific career, I have had the privilege of working with large epidemiological population-based datasets, hence gaining strong experience on data management, statistical analyses and scientific reporting. Since July 2019, I'm the head of a 3-year research project "Sustainable working life: early predictors and later determinants - a longitudinal twin study" at KI and funded by Forte.

Teaching portfolio

I have done my share of teaching in ergonomics, both lecturing and being supervisor for tens of bachelor and master theses of ergonomics in the University of Kuopio (currently University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio campus). I've also been involved in the development of web-based teaching and written an article about internet course: Ropponen A. Experiences of learning and satisfaction with teaching of basic courses of ergonomics over Internet - the Ergonetti program. Education and Information Technologies. 2009; 14: 81-88.


Docent in University of Helsinki, Finland (Public health) 2013, PhD in University of Jyväskylä, Finland (Exercise medicine) 2006, MSc in University of Jyväskylä, Finland (physiotherapy and teacher of health science) 1998, Physical therapist in Lappeenrannan terveydenhuolto-oppilaitos, Finland 1992.