Anna Norhammar, foto: Ulf Sirborn.

Anna Norhammar

Adjunct professor

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About me

Adjunct Professor of Cardiology at the Department of Medicine, Solna from October 1, 2019. Primary position: Senior physician at Capio S:t Göran’s Hospital.

Research description

Anna Norhammar is a cardiologist and clinical physiologist who researches cardiovascular complications of diabetes and prediabetes. Her finding that people with diabetes, due to a lack of application of evidence-based treatment, have twice the risk of mortality after a myocardial infarction led to improved treatment in Sweden and globally – and to significantly higher survival rates. Her research has further shown that patients with diabetes continue to have an increased risk of heart failure and a worse prognosis than other patients with heart failure.

Other findings from Norhammar’s research include that new heart-protecting diabetes drugs are indeed effective outside clinical studies (in real-life) but too rarely used, and that about a third of myocardial infarction patients without known diabetes, have undetected diabetes, and another third have precursors of the disease. Norhammar is now engaged in planning for a randomised study on whether the drug Metformin can improve the cardiovascular prognosis for patients with prediabetes.

Text: From Cell to Society, 2020

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