Anoop Ambikan

Postdoctoral researcher

About me

PhD student in Ujjwal Neogi group at Division of Clinical Microbiology. I received Master’s Degree in Bioinformatics from Amrita School of Biotechnology, India in 2012 and have more than two years of experience as Bioinformatics Analyst, at SciGenome Pvt Ltd.  My doctoral studies aim at bioinformatics analysis of various kinds of "omics data" viz, transcriptome, proteome, microbiome and metabolome data related to HIV research. I am working to develop a simplified and efficient pipeline to integrate multi-omics data to draw a clinically relevant inference with reduced human effort

Research description

My research project is to develop a bioinformatics pipeline for performing multi-omics data analysis . In the project I intended to develop a simple and efficient pipeline which can integrate various omics data viz, proteomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics data to generate molecular and cellular networks that can define the differential mechanisms of viral control in the cohort under study. The project is aim to study immune control mechanisms of various kinds of HIV-1 infected patient cohorts. The project is sub-divided into 3 modules and in each module different data will be analysed and finally all will be integrated. The first module is to analyse transcriptomics and proteomics data in order to gain insight to immune control mechanisms of HIV elite controllers. In second module miRNA and mRNA will be studied in the context of HIV-1 diesease progression. Finally in module-3, metabolomics, transcriptomics and proteomics data will be integrated to identify meta-signatures of immune control in HIV elite controllers.


June 2010 - July 2012

MSc in Bioinformatics, Amrita School of Biotechnology, India