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Antoinette Lundahl

PhD Student

I am a doctoral student at LIME, Karolinska Institutet, since December 2019. My principal supervisor is associate professor Niklas Juth, and secondary supervisor professor Gert Helgesson.

About me

I work as a senior consultant in psychiatry at S:t Görans hospital in Stockholm, at a hospital ward. I have worked there as a specialist since 2007. My patients suffer mainly from personality disorders and anxiety disorders, and working with these patients has inspired my current research.

Apart from working at the hospital or with my research, I lead a quiet life with my daughter. I enjoy music and, occationally, going to the local gym.

Research description

The title of the project is: “The motives and ethical justifiability of treating patients with borderline personality disorder under compulsory care”. Patients with borderline personality disorder (BPD) are overly represented when it comes to inpatient compulsory care, sometimes with lengthy hospital stays. The reason for this is often suicidal behaviour, which is chronically fluctuating with these patients. However, the gathered clinical experience has shown uncertain or negative effects of inpatient care of BPD patients, with no proven suicide-preventive results. Also, there is little consensus among psychiatrists on how to treat these patients, entailing that BPD patients can be treated very differently depending on which clinician they are treated by. In my project, I want to investigate psychiatrists’ motives for compulsory detaining BPD patients, and also conduct normative analyses on compulsory care of these patients.


  • High school exam in Natural Science, Kungsholmens musikgymnasium, 1993
  • Medical Doctor exam, 220 points, Karolinska Institutet, 1999
  • Studies in mathematics, 20 points, Stockholms Universitet, 1995
  • Studies in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, 30 points, Beteendeterapeutiska föreningen i Uppsala
  • Specialist doctor in psychiatry since 2007