Åsa Persson

PhD student

Research description

I have a background in Urban and Regional Planning/Human Geography as well as Public Health Epidemiology, two fields which I combine in my PhD project: Urban greenness and related health effects. The focus of my PhD project is the association between urban greenness and cardiovascular and metabolic health outcomes. International research has found associations between greenness and a wide range of physical and mental health outcomes, from overweight and diabetes type 2, to depression and low birth weight. Our aim is to investigate whether there is an association with cardiovascular and metabolic health outcomes in Stockholm County, in a longitudinal setting. In addition, we aim to explore how these outcomes are related to co-exposure to greenness, air pollution, noise and heat. 

To estimate the individual exposure to greenness, I use satellite data of the amount of vegetation around the residential address. In GIS (Geographic Information System) software I link this data to data from primarily four different cohorts forming the CEANS cohort (Cardiovascular Effects of Air Pollution and Noise in Stockholm). The analyzes include multivariate regression models, with detailed control of socio-demographic factors, lifestyle factors, individual and contextual socioeconomic status and other environmental factors. 

Main supervisor: Mare Lõhmus Sundström.


  • Master of Medical Science with a Major in Public Health Sciences, Karolinska Institutet, 2014-2016. Master’s Programme in Public Health Sciences, Epidemiology track, 120 ECTS credits.
  • Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Human and Economic Geography , Umeå University, Sweden, 2007-2010. Urban and Regional Planning Programme, 180 ECTS credits.

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