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Asghar Muhammad


Group A Färnert
Department of Medicine, Solna (MedS), K2

Research description

One of the presently most fascinating and yet most challenging question in biology and medicine is, how infectious diseases affect the body and how such cost eventually leads to physiological degradation, organ disfunction and shorter lifespan?  My hypothesis is that cellular ageing is one of the underlaying cellular mechanism that mediates the long-term hidden costs of infections.   At my lab we take integrative approaches to understand how infectious diseases affect the cellular ageing and how such cost eventually translates into reduced fitness and senescence. 


2013: PhD. Ecology with specialization in Animal Ecology, Lund University. PhD Thesis: Living with parasites: Avian malaria, telomere length and life history tradeoffs.

2009: M.Sc (120 credits). Biology with specialization in Ecology, Lund University

Academic honours, awards and prizes

2015: KATMA Award from Cooper Ornithological Society USA for the best scientific publication

2016: Attendence of the Global Young Scientence summit in Singapore as promissing young scientist of Karolinska Institutet

2018: Appointed Ragnar Söderberg Fellow in Medicine

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