Research description

My main project aims at elucidating the liver-adipose tissues crosstalk in non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases (NAFLD) in the hope to better understand the diseases and thus facilitate drug testing. 


2021-present | Karolinska Institutet, Sweden | Doctoral student in Personalized Medicine and Drug Development

2018-2020 | Karolinska Institutet, Sweden | Master of Medical Science in Toxicology

2007-2011 | Nanyang Technological University, Singapore | Bachelor of Engineering in Bioengineering (Hons)

Academic honours, awards and prizes


Kemas, A.M., Youhanna, S., Shafagh, R.Z., Lauschke, V.M. Insulin‐dependent glucose consumption dynamics in 3D primary human liver cultures measured by a sensitive and specific glucose sensor with nanoliter input volume. FASEB Journal. 2021.

X Chen, Y Zu, H Xie, AM Kemas, Z Gao. Coordination of mercury (II) to gold nanoparticle associated nitrotriazole towards sensitive colorimetric detection of mercuric ion with a tunable dynamic range. Analyst. 2011.


2007-2011 | Recipient of Tuition Grant for Undergraduate Study from Singapore's Ministry of Education 

2006 | Bronze medalist, National Chemistry Olympiad, Indonesia

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