Annika Wallberg

Lecturer senior

Department and organisational affiliation:

About me

I am an associate professor and a senior lecturer at the Department of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics (MEB). My research interests are within the fields of (i) scientific development and medical pedagogics (ii) epigenetics and gene transcription.


2014 - present; Course director of the degree project in Medicine course, 30 ECTS credits (student independent research project), MEB, KI

2015 - present; Senior researcher, MEB, KI

2013 - present; Member of the programme council for the study programme in Medicine, KI

2011 - 2013, Coordinator at the degree project in Medicine course, MEB, KI

2010 - 2015, Research group leader at the Institute of Environmental medicine, KI

2004 - 2009, Research group leader at the Department of Biosciences and nutrition, KI


Research description

Within the field of epigenetics and gene transcription I have published about 30 scientific papers and supervised 10 PhD students (main supervisor for 4 students that have defended their thesis). I have served as a member of more than 20 public defence examination boards. Scholarly interests are scientific development in general but specifically assessment of education within health professions. Current focus is on assessment of intended learning outcomes, feedback and student self-reflection.


Teaching portfolio

Since 2011, I have worked largely with education and issues related to education at KI. During the years 2011-2015, I was a lecturer and examiner in two undergraduate courses at KI; the degree project in Medicine (MEB) and the Master's programme in Toxicology (IMM). I am currently the course director, and examiner, of the degree projects in Medicine at KI and responsible for leading the educational development of the course. This work also includes development of new courses (at term 1 and 5) that are part of the scientific development thread (vetenskaplig utveckling) at the study programme in Medicine. As a member of the programme council for the study programme in Medicine at KI, I work with key education issues. I am a member of a national committee with teacher representatives from all medical universities in Sweden that work together to integrate national learning goals of medicine at the courses in scientific development. During the years 1996-2000, and 2004-2010 I was involved in developing, and lecturing, in several undergraduate courses in the field of cell and molecular biology.

I have more than 30 ECTS credits training in university teaching. 


2000: Doctor of Medical Science (Ph.D.), KI.

2000-2003: Postdoctoral fellow at the Rockefeller University, New York

2010: Associate professor in cell and molecular biology, KI

2016: Senior lecturer in cell and molecular biology, KI

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