About me

Beng Fadeel is a Professor of Medical Inflammation Research.

Research description

For information about Bengt Fadeel's research activities, se Unit of Molecular Toxicology.


Five selected publications

Cobalt nanoparticles trigger ferroptosis-like cell death (oxytosis) in neuronal cells: Potential implications for neurodegenerative disease. Gupta G, Gliga A, Hedberg J, Serra A, Greco D, Odnevall Wallinder I, et al FASEB J. 2020 Apr;34(4):5262-5281

Safety Assessment of Graphene-Based Materials: Focus on Human Health and the Environment. Fadeel B, Bussy C, Merino S, Vázquez E, Flahaut E, Mouchet F, et al ACS Nano 2018 11;12(11):10582-10620

Advanced tools for the safety assessment of nanomaterials. Fadeel B, Farcal L, Hardy B, Vázquez-Campos S, Hristozov D, Marcomini A, et al Nat Nanotechnol 2018 07;13(7):537-543

Graphene Oxide Elicits Membrane Lipid Changes and Neutrophil Extracellular Trap Formation Sourav P. Mukherjee, Beatrice Lazzaretto, Kjell Hultenby, Leon Newman, Artur F. Rodrigues, Neus Lozano, Kostas Kostarelos, Per Malmberg, and Bengt Fadeel Chem 4, 334–358, February 8, 2018

Dichotomous roles for externalized cardiolipin in extracellular signaling: Promotion of phagocytosis and attenuation of innate immunity. Balasubramanian K, Maeda A, Lee JS, Mohammadyani D, Dar HH, Jiang JF, et al Sci Signal 2015 Sep;8(395):ra95