About me

I work as a Research Assistant with affiliations to Karolinska Institutet and National Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention (NASP) in Sweden.

In my role, I perform various activities related to disseminating information and knowledge about suicide to various target audiences, such as the general public, journalists, as well as governmental bodies and other organizations. I am also a member of the working group that compiles the scientific literature on evidence-based interventions, which form the basis for the RESPI webpage. RESPI is an online resource aimed at all organizations in Sweden working to prevent suicide on a public health level. In a collaborative project with the Centre for Epidemiology and Social Medicine (CES) and the Centre for Occupational and Environmental Medicine (CAMM) called Elevhälsoportalen, I contribute as a subject-matter expert on how mental health can be promoted in the school environment through implementation of universal interventions.

One of my primary interests lies in investigating effective ways to prevent suicidal behaviors and enhance mental well-being in the workplace through well-adapted interventions which take advantage of existing structures and unique strengths within the organization.


Master’s Programme in Public Health Sciences, Health Promotion Track, Karolinska Institutet, 2022--

Bachelor's Programme in Human Resources Management, Psychology Track, Södertörn University, 2015-2018