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Björn Nordlund

Lecturer, adjunct

About me

  • Pediatric nurse, leading research and development in healthcare at the Thematic Area of Children's and Women's Healthcare, Karolinska University Hospital 
  • Research group leader, division of Clinical Pediatrics, KI
  • Group leader at the division of postgraduate nursing studies in pediatric and adolescents´ health, KI

Research description

Allergy prevention and exploring early origins, triggers and expressions of allergic diseases, in order to identify resilient and developmental factors for health and disease in children, as well as design, develop and validate the benefit of using novel digital health models for asthma and other respiratory diseases.

Ongoing projects: 

  • PreventADALL - preventing allergy and atopic dermatitis in children. A randomised controlled birtj cohort study
  • Asthmatuner – a self-management system for asthma
  • Asthmatuner Diagnosis – digital tool for diagnosing asthma
  • Inhalation flow app – digital measurement and feedback of inhalation technique
  • U-Biopred – identifying novel markers of severe asthma
  • PULMM – evaluation of lung function and bronchial hyperresponsiveness in prematurely born children with bronchopulmonary dysplasia
  • STOPPA – twin studies of prevention and prediction of asthma
  • Blood sampling errors and patient security in pediatric tertiary care

Teaching portfolio

Aims are to improve the healthcare and the system for patients by educating students and professionals to develop management and secure healthcare for women and children, especially within the field of allergic and respiratory diseases. 



  • Nursing Diploma, Stockholm University College of Health Sciences, year 1994
  • Postgraduated in Paediatric Nursing, Malmö University College of Health Sciences, year 1998
  • PhD in Medical Science, Severe asthma and asthma control in children, Karolinska Institutet department of Women’s and Children’s Health, year 2013
  • Post doc position, department of medical epidemiology and biostatistics, KI, year 2017

Academic honours, awards and prizes

  • Asthmatuner - The city of Stockholm innovation scholarship in life science 
  • Swedish nurses´ organisation for asthma and COPD, scholarship 30 000 SEK. Project: “Severe asthma in schoolchildren”, year 2011 
  • Scholarship in the memory of Kerstin Hejdenberg, Swedish asthma and allergy foundation 15000 SEK. Project: “Severe asthma in schoolchildren”, year 2009 
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