Björn af Ugglas

Björn Af Ugglas

PhD Student

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Research description

My research is focused on demand and capacity imbalances in emergency care and how this impacts patient outcomes. We recently published a study on how hospital bed occupancy impacts patients and the emergency departments:

Association Between Hospital Bed Occupancy and Outcomes in Emergency Care: A Cohort Study in Stockholm Region, Sweden, 2012 to 2016. Af Ugglas B, Djärv T, Ljungman PLS, Holzmann MJ Ann Emerg Med 2020 Jan;():

We did not find a significant association between higher bed occupancy and increased 30-day mortality, but clear evidence that a higher bed occupancy has a negative impact on the workload in the emergency department. As a next step we are investigating if demand capacity imbalances (crowding) in the emergency departments are associated with increased 30-day mortality, increased revisits for discharged patients and increased hospital length of stay for admitted patients.

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