Research description

I am now working as Biostatistician at Aging Research Center. I am focusing on providing biostatistical and epidemiological support to the research projects in  National E-infrastructure for Aging Research (NEAR).


Primary job duties include:

1) Works as a member of a research team/study team to provide appropriate statistical input in the design, execution and analysis of studies.

2) Participates in the development of operations and procedures for the collection, editing, verification and management of statistical data.

3) Processes large amounts of data for statistical modelling and graphic analysis.

4) Consolidate the data of the different cohorts included in NEAR and ensure they are comparable, using harmonized methodology.

5) Participates in the preparation of written and oral presentations that summarize the analysis of data, interprets the results and provides conclusions and recommendations.


I obtained my Master degree in Statistics at Uppsala University. My main programming tool is R. During my master study, I have done diverse projects related to causal inference, structural equation model, etc. I am experienced with statistical modelling and data wrangling. For my master thesis project at Uppsala Monitoring Centre, I used machine learning to make a prediction model for medical indication. It delivered assistance in developing database more valuable for internal clinical staff.