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Bozana Johansson

Postdoctoral researcher

About me

I am a licensed psychologist and licensed psychotherapist with CBT approach. For many years I have been working in my own practice with the assessment and treatment of individuals, treatment in group settings, tutorials and even some education. I also have several years of experience working as a consultant with managerial support, team development, conflict management, and organizational analysis. My extensive experience of different environments and individuals may hopefully be an asset in research. My focus now is on research on prevention of stress, at group and organizational level, but my interests are really as wide as my experiences.

Research description

The overall aim of my thesis is to study if the efforts directed towards organizations and working environments can reduce stress and prevent stress-related illness. This we aim to do through a randomized controlled trial (RCT) and by examining the actual implementation process. Thesis is a part of a six-year research program led by Professor Irene Jensen, whose aim is to develop research in the occupational health field.

Stress-related mental ill-health is today both nationally and internationally one of the dominant causes of loss of production and of absenteeism. Risks are known and examined in a large number of scientific studies. Interventions to treat or prevent stress-related mental ill-health are less explored.

In the RCT we examine if an internationally already established and validated method for production improvement (Productivity Measurement and Enhancement System - ProMES) may also have stress preventive effect. Such a method would probably be attractive to many stakeholders. The method is based on a participative approach in which employees are involved with the nearest work management to identify and prioritize desirable results in all important dimensions of the business.

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