About me

I am a licensed psychologist and licensed psychotherapist with CBT approach. I work part-time as a post doctoral researcher and part-time as a clinician with the assessment and treatment of individuals, treatment in group settings, tutorials and education. I also have several years of experience working as a consultant with managerial support, team development and conflict management. My extensive experience of different environments and individuals may hopefully be an asset in research. 

Research description

Together with a group of researchers at Karolinska Institutet, the University of Gävle and the University of Groningen, led by associate professor Elisabeth Björk Brämberg, I am working on a project “Effects on sick leave of a problem-solving intervention involving employees at risk of developing common mental disorders and their managers (PRIME). The study will be conducted as a cluster randomized controlled trial in private sector companies and starts in the autumn of 2020.


The overall aim of my thesis was to study if the efforts directed towards organizations and working environments could reduce stress and prevent stress-related illness. The thesis was a part of a six-year research program led by Professor Irene Jensen, whose aim was to develop research in the occupational health field.

In the RCT we examined if an internationally already established and validated method for production improvement (Productivity Measurement and Enhancement System - ProMES) could also have stress preventive effect.