Britta Wahren

Professor Emeritus/Emerita

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Selected publications

Codon optimization and improved delivery/immunization regimen enhance the immune response against wild-type and drug-resistant HIV-1 reverse transcriptase, preserving its Th2-polarity. Latanova AA, Petkov S, Kilpelainen A, Jansons J, Latyshev OE, Kuzmenko YV, et al Sci Rep 2018 May;8(1):8078

HIVIS-DNA or HIVISopt-DNA priming followed by CMDR vaccinia-based boosts induce both humoral and cellular murine immune responses to HIV. Hinkula J, Petkov S, Ljungberg K, Hallengärd D, Bråve A, Isaguliants M, et al Heliyon 2017 Jun;3(6):e00339

Preferential Targeting of Conserved Gag Regions after Vaccination with a Heterologous DNA Prime-Modified Vaccinia Virus Ankara Boost HIV-1 Vaccine Regimen. Bauer A, Podola L, Mann P, Missanga M, Haule A, Sudi L, et al J. Virol. 2017 09;91(18):

Immunization with HIV-1 envelope T20-encoding DNA vaccines elicits cross-clade neutralizing antibody responses. Stenler S, Lundin KE, Hansen L, Petkov S, Mozafari N, Isaguliants M, et al Hum Vaccin Immunother 2017 12;13(12):2849-2858

Three-Year Durability of Immune Responses Induced by HIV-DNA and HIV-Modified Vaccinia Virus Ankara and Effect of a Late HIV-Modified Vaccinia Virus Ankara Boost in Tanzanian Volunteers. Joachim A, Munseri PJ, Nilsson C, Bakari M, Aboud S, Lyamuya EF, et al AIDS Res. Hum. Retroviruses 2017 08;33(8):880-888

Early antiretroviral therapy in children perinatally infected with HIV: a unique opportunity to implement immunotherapeutic approaches to prolong viral remission. Klein N, Palma P, Luzuriaga K, Pahwa S, Nastouli E, Gibb DM, et al Lancet Infect Dis 2015 Sep;15(9):1108-1114

HIV-DNA Given with or without Intradermal Electroporation Is Safe and Highly Immunogenic in Healthy Swedish HIV-1 DNA/MVA Vaccinees: A Phase I Randomized Trial. Nilsson C, Hejdeman B, Godoy-Ramirez K, Tecleab T, Scarlatti G, Bråve A, et al PLoS ONE 2015 ;10(6):e0131748

Potent functional antibody responses elicited by HIV-I DNA priming and boosting with heterologous HIV-1 recombinant MVA in healthy Tanzanian adults. Joachim A, Nilsson C, Aboud S, Bakari M, Lyamuya EF, Robb ML, et al PLoS ONE 2015 ;10(4):e0118486

Immunotherapy with an HIV-DNA Vaccine in Children and Adults. Palma P, Gudmundsdotter L, Finocchi A, Eriksson LE, Mora N, Santilli V, et al Vaccines (Basel) 2014 Jul;2(3):563-80

Broad and potent cellular and humoral immune responses after a second late HIV-modified vaccinia virus ankara vaccination in HIV-DNA-primed and HIV-modified vaccinia virus Ankara-boosted Swedish vaccinees. Nilsson C, Godoy-Ramirez K, Hejdeman B, Bråve A, Gudmundsdotter L, Hallengärd D, et al AIDS Res. Hum. Retroviruses 2014 Mar;30(3):299-311