About me

I work as a health economist at the Stockholm Centre for Health Economics (StoCHE) at the Centre for Health Economics, Informatics and Health Care Research (CHIS) at Stockholm Region. I am also affiliated to research at LIME at KI.

At StoCHE, I work mainly with health economic evaluations of different interventions that Stockholm Region needs to make decisions about.

I have previously worked as a health economist at the National Board of Health and Welfare and have a PhD in health economics from Uppsala University.


Research description

My research focuses on examining the economic value of different types of interventions in health care and other sectors where interventions can have an impact on health. I work broadly on issues ranging from primary prevention to treatment. What drives me forward in research is the ability to produce information that may be valouable for decision makers, and that contributes to the best possible health, for all, based on the limited resources we have in society.


I have a Master's degree in development economics from the University of Amsterdam and defended my thesis in health economics in 2021, at the Faculty of Medicine at Uppsala University. My dissertation examined the value of social investments, with a focus on parenting programs. Furthermore, I worked extensively on developing calculation tools for municipalities that can be used to forecast the value of preventive interventions.