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Carin Håkansta

Research Specialist

Research Specialist
Associate Professor in Work Science

About me

Research Specialist active in research about non-standard employment, algorithmic management and platform work. 



Research description

My main research focus is how changes in society and work affect occupational safety and health and what could be done about it, both in terms of policy and more concretely at the workplace level. I am also involved in research on the effects of digitalisation on work and health.

I am the PI of:

1. AFA Insurance-funded project Effects of algorithmic management on work environment and health among warehouse hands and transport workers (2022 - 2025) called AMOSH.

2. AFA Insurance funded project The meaning of digitalisation for interpersonal relations and organisational contexts (2020 - 2023) called KomDig. 

I am part of the research team in the following projects:

1. Forte-funded research programme Effects of non-standard work arrangements on health, work and families - solutions for the future of Sweden (2019 - 2026) called Precarious Work Research (PWR).

2. Forte-funded research project Digital labour platforms and its effects on health and well-being: a mixed-method project of gig workers in Sweden (2022-2025) called GIG-health.

3. Forte-funded research project New challenges for occupational safety and health in times of the digital transformation in Europe: the role of digital labour platforms (2022 - 2026) called GIG-OSH

Recent articles:

Håkansta, C., Albin, M., Kreshpaj, B., Gunn, V., Hogstedt, C., Matilla-Santander, N., ... & Bodin, T. (2022). Power resources and the battle against precarious employment: Trade union activities within a tripartite initiative tackling undeclared work in Sweden. Economic and Industrial Democracy, 0143831X221131835.

Håkansta, C (2022) Ambulating, digital and isolated: the case of Swedish labour inspectors" in New Technology, Work and Employment.

Gunn V, Kreshpaj B, Matilla-Santander N, Vignola EF, Wegman DH, Hogstedt C, Ahonen EQ, Bodin T, Orellana C, Baron S, Muntaner CB, O’Campo P, Albin M, Håkansta C (2022) Initiatives Addressing Precarious Employment and Its Effects on Workers’ Health and Well-Being: A Systematic Review. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health. 2022; 19(4), 2232.

Kreshpaj, B., Bottai, M., Matilla-Santander, N., Axén, M., Orellana, C., Burström, B., Hemmingsson, T., Jonsson, J., Håkansta, C., Wegman, DH and Bodin, T. (2022) Business performance and occupational injuries trajectories in the construction sector in Sweden. Safety Science, 152, 105772.

Kreshpaj B, Bodin T, Wegman DH, Matilla-Santander N, Burstrom B, Kjellberg K, Davis L, Hemmingsson T, Jonsson J, Håkansta C and Orellana C (2022) Under-reporting of non-fatal occupational injuries among precarious and non-precarious workers in Sweden. Occupational and environmental medicine, 79(1), 3-9.

Gunn V, Håkansta C, Vignola E, Matilla-Santander N, Kreshpaj B, Wegman DH, Hogstedt C, Ahonen EQ, Muntaner C, Baron S and Bodin T (2021) Initiatives addressing precarious employment and its effects on workers’ health and well-being: a protocol for a systematic review. Systematic reviews, 10(1), 1-11.

Matilla-Santander, N., Ahonen, E., Albin, M., Baron, S., Bolíbar, M., Bosmans, K., ... Håkansta, C & All Members of the PWR Study Consortium (2021). “COVID-19 and Precarious Employment: Consequences of the Evolving Crisis”. International Journal of Health Services, 0020731420986694.

Recent books:

Håkansta C, Asp A, Palm K, Shams P (2022): Ett framtida kommunalt och digitalt arbetsliv – dystopi eller utopi i Ivarsson L & Palm K (Red): Framtidens arbetsliv. Arbetsvillkor och arbetsmiljö. Lund: Studentlitteratur.   

Håkansta, C (2020): “International organisations as drivers of change in occupational health” in Töres Theorell (Ed):  Handbook of Socioeconomic Determinants of Occupational Health. Springer Nature.


PhD in Human Work Science from Luleå University of Technology, Sweden.