Caroline Nordenvall

Caroline Nordenvall

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Caroline Nordenvall is an associate professor of surgery at Karolinska Institutet and clinically active colorectal surgeon at Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden. Nordenvall started with epidemiological research in 2002 and defended her thesis on risk factors for colorectal and anal cancer in 2010.

Nordenvall became a board-certified surgeon in 2016 and an associate professor of surgery in the same year. After her PhD Nordenvall has continued with epidemiological and clinical research with a specific focus on inflammatory bowel disease (especially restorative surgery) and colorectal cancer. Since 2019 she is the head of the research group and responsible for the research field of colorectal surgery with special focus on clinical, translational and epidemiological studies on colorectal cancer. Since 2018, Nordenvall is the scientific secretary of the Swedish Society for Colorectal Surgeons, board member of the Swedish quality register for patients with IBD, as well as the register for patients with colorectal cancer. She supervise 11 PhD students (4 as main supervisor) as well as 3 post docs.

Research group leader of the group Colorectal Surgery