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Caroline Wachtler

Affiliated to teaching/tutoring

About me

The focus of my emerging primary care research career is implementation of best evidence in early identification and management of different types of depression in primary care. My clinical work as a resident in primary care (Stuvsta Primary care Center AB since 2009) informs my interest in mental health as I am daily made aware of the gap between research and practice. I boast a rare combination of skills in both qualitative and quantitative methodologies. This places me ideally to pursue my focus on implementation of best evidence.

During my post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Melbourne, Department of General Practice, Faculty of Medicine (20140201 - 20150630), I worked at one of the world leading institutions for research in general practice, and have been successfully funded by my host institution. My role during my fellowship was design and implementation of a complex intervention for a new model of depression care in primary care. My supervisor, Professor Jane Gunn, has long experience with running clinical trials in primary care and has provided state of the art mentorship.

In my PhD thesis, which I completed at the Univeristy of Lund and defended in September 2006, I used mixed methods to investigate and understand barriers to use of cultural competency in primary care and medical education. I became an expert in qualitative methodological skills and learned statistical methodology during this period.

Prior to my PhD I did research in immunology, investigating how bacteria utilized their fimbria to access cells and initiate apoptosis. This was lab bench research during which I trained my ability to test hypotheses in a classic positivist environment. However, I also completed a bachelor’s degree in Anthropology with Honors. During this time, I realized my strengths and developed my skills as a qualitative researcher. 

Teaching portfolio


  • University of Melbourne, Department of General Practice 2015 Qualitative Research Methodology 12 5th year medical students Lecturer    
  • University of Melbourne, Department of General Practice 2015 Medicine: Motivational interviewing   2 5th year medical students Tutor
  • University of Melbourne, Department of General Practice 2014-2015 Medicine: Research methodology tutorials 6 Honours Lecturer
  • Karolinska Institute 2012-2016 Medicine: Clinical supervison  20 3rd year medical students  Clinical supervisor 
  • University of Lund 2004 Medicine: Doctor-Patient Consultation course  5 1st and 2nd year medical students Tutor


  • Dr Peter Olszamowski 2016 VESTA "Finns det evidens för att lokal kortisoninjektion är den bästa behandlingsmetoden, avseende smärta och rörlighet, vid adhesiv kapsulit?En litteraturgenomgång av översiktsartiklar" Main supervisor.
  • Dr Maria Gavelin 2016 VESTA "Gynnsamt samarbete? Några öppenvårdsgynekologers syn på samarbetet med primärvården i Stockholmsregionen." Main supervisor.
  • Ms Bridget Fernando 2014-2015 Scholarly Selective “Between a rock and a hard place”: Management of Hazara refugee mental health in General Practice. Co-supervisor with Dr Phyllis Lau
  • Ms Sahema Saberi 2014 Honours degree Understanding primary mental health care access and utilisation among young Hazara refugees living in Melbourne Co-supervisor with Dr. Phyllis Lau  


Doctor of Philosophy 2006 The University of Lund (Sweden), Faculty of Medicine Thesis title: Cultural Discord in a Medical Context: A Challenge for Physicians. Supervisor: Dr Margareta Troein

Doctor of Medicine 2006

University of Lund, Sweden, Faculty of Medicine


Bachelor of Arts (Anthropology)1999 New York University, School of Arts and Sciences, New York, NY USA • Graduated magna cum laude • NYU Scholars Award, Deans List of Honors

Academic honours, awards and prizes

  • Research Travel Grant 2013 Swedish Society of Medicine
  • The Hennerlofska Fund 2004 Swedish Society of Medicine
  • NYU Scholars Award, Deans List of Honors 1999 New York University, School of Arts and Sciences, New York, NY USA
  • Graduated magna cum laude 1999 New York University, School of Arts and Sciences, New York, NY USA
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