About me

In relation to the election of Vice rector / Vice chairman of the Committee for Research (KF)

After the basic education in medicine, I had the opportunity to perform a PhD thesis on tumor-suppressor genes - a new and exciting field that has today reached clinical application. In 1993, the own research group in medical genetics was started, which today consists of collaborative research teams in experimental translational cancer research. More than fifty PhD students who have completed their theses have been supervised (as main or assistant supervisor) and most previous doctoral students and postdocs are today found in academia and healthcare as for example professor, docent and with maintained research and educational activities. I have been awarded the Göran Gustafsson Prize in Medicine and am a member of the Nobel Assembly.

I have good experience from scientific leadership and evaluation nationally and internationally. Previous management assignments include member of the Board of Research (now KF), Board (Konsistoriet), and the Recruitment Committee (Rekryteringsutskottet) at KI; Karolinska University Hospital research and education (FoUU) committee; and the Scientific Council for Medicine and Health at the Swedish Research Council. Today I am Assistant Chair of the Department of Oncology-Pathology with responsibility for higher teaching positions, KI Chairman of the Research & Educational Development group at Medical unit Clinical Pathology and Cancer diagnostics at Karolinska University Hospital, and Member of the Committee for Doctoral Education (KFU).

Visions for the assignment:

  • Research at KI shall be a quality sign. This requires continuous development of the research environment, support activities, networks, good finances and basic resources.
  • Medical research is best conducted in harmony with the healthcare. Increased interaction with the Stockholm Region is an important task within the already established Research & Development (FoUU) structures for several issues concerning daily research activities and a clear and uniform system for activity-based allocation.
  • KI shall be an attractive university for researchers at different stages of their careers, where everyone takes pride in doing their best. A prerequisite for being able to focus on the important tasks is clarity and planning for regular announcements of academic positions at different levels.
  • Continuous learning give increased opportunities for innovative research. Through the development in the recent years, there are now opportunities to offer existing parts of education in, for example, important new technologies and research fields to a larger part of KI's researchers.