About me

I am an Associate Professor in Reproductive Health at the Karolinska Institutet. As a nurse, midwife, Master of Public Health and PhD in International Health I am interested in obstetrics and gynecology, public health and epidemiology. Currently I am working as a teacher at the Midwifery Programme and as a researcher at the Unit of Reproductive Health.

Research description

My research is focused on care related to complicated childbirth and instrumental delivery. Thus, my previous research include studies on the use of epidural analgesia during labour, risk factors for severe lacerations, birth outcomes among women with anorexia nervosa, the impact of short maternal statures on mode of delivery and pain relief among immigrant women as well as immigrant women’s risk of stillbirth. I am conducting studies with clinical relevance that aims to improve the health among women and new-born infants. The studies are developed from clinical problems and the results have clear implications for the care of women and children during and after complicated delivery. Most studies have a public health perspective and therefore I am mainly conducting research on large study populations using nation-wide registers and medical records.

Since 2010 am I the Principal Investigator for a multidisciplinary research group that focus on Vacuum Extraction deliveries. The research project is granted by Vetenskapsrådet (the Swedish Research Council) and the main objective is to investigate maternal and infant outcomes related to VE. We are currently investigating the reasons why some children are diagnosed with cerebral hemorrhage following delivery with vacuum extraction.



2012  Associate Professor Reproductive Health, Karolinska Institutet (KI) 2008-12  Research Associate (Forskarassistent) Vetenskapsrådet 2006-07  Postdoc, Dept of Womens and Children´s Health, (KI) 2004  PhD in Public Health, International Health, Dept of Public Health (KI) 1999   Master of Public Health, (KI) 1990  Registered Midwife, Örebro 1986  Registered Nurse, Stockholm


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