About me

I substitute for Therese Wahlström for the rest of the year. I will take over most of the tasks as the assistant to the Head of department at the Department of Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics (LIME). That is, I will support Head of Department Professor Carl Johan Sundberg in areas for which he is responsible. I also coordinate meetings and issues concerning LIME's Management Group, Chefsforum, the Department Council and various other departmental activities, such as LIME Breakfast, LIME Walks and LIME's department days.

I most recently worked at the administration at Stockholm University, especially with the coordination of collaboration with business, public and non-profit organizations.

For premise-related questions, contact Annelie Jonsson at  lokaler@lime.ki.se 

Feel free to visit me in room 4105 on the 4th floor in the Widerström building!