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About me

As a mother, researcher and clinician I'm dedicated to improving maternal and newborn health in low-resource settings. Having worked, lived and done research for over six years in Sub-Saharan Africa, I realised, that weak health system are the main reasons why so much of the old and new interventions, drugs and innovations are not implemented and thus cannot contribute to reduce the inacceptable high burden of mortality in pregnancy and around birth – the time when more than 300,000 mothers and 2,700,000 newborn lose their life, every year.

I'm an Associate Professor at KI, and my research in the past has centred much on finding a better balance on accessibility and quality of maternal newborn care, an important aspect not only for low-resource settings as improved accessibility may be at the expense of quality of care, particularly when resources are limited. Much of my most recent research interest is around interventions to improve quality of care and health system functioning for maternal and newborn health. I’m leading and co-leading several projects, partly together or linked to London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK in Tanzania, Uganda, Mozambique and India.

Teaching portfolio

I’m teaching within the Master of Global Health and coordinate “Maternal and child health in a global perspective” module of the MSc course. I also teach on the Health economics, Policy and Management MSc course and I’m a distance learning tutor at LSHTM.



Specialisation in Gynecology and Obstetrics

Masters in International Health (TropEd)

Masters in Epidemiology (LSHTM)


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