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Claudia Lampic

Lecturer senior

Department and organisational affiliation:

About me

About me

I am associate professor in care sciences and senior lecturer at the Department of Women's and Children's Health. At the moment I primarily focus on research and education on advanced and doctoral level. 


Licensed psychologist, 1991 PhD, Uppsala University, 1999

Commission of trust

Member of Dissertation Committee, KI (2015-2018)

Vice chair of Review panel MH2: Health Care science, the Swedish Research Council (2014-2018)

Vice chair of Prioritization Committee (Pk) G: Health care sciences, the Swedish Cancer Society (2017-)

External member of Faculty Board, Mälardalen University (2017-2019)

Member of the Regional Ethical Review board in Stockholm (2018-2019)

Member of the Swedish Ethical Review Authority, Stockholm region (2020-)

Research description

My research focuses on psychosocial aspects of cancer care and fertility/infertility. 

For more information about ongoing projects:

Fertility-related communication in cancer care

Fex-Can, Fertility and sexuality following cancer

Psychosocial aspects of oocyte and sperm donation

Sexuality and thoughts about fertility in childhood cancer survivors


I teach on advanced level and lead the doctoral course "Methods for systematic review within the framework of own thesis". 

Academic honours, awards and prizes

Selected member of AcademiaNet, a network for very prominent female researchers and academics.

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