About me

I am currently a Post-doctoral researcher in Franzén’s Research Group, housed in the division of Physiotherapy. I am also employed as a permanent member of staff at the University of the Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa, as lecturer in physiotherapy. I have completed my first (bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy - 2008) and second cycle (master’s in physiotherapy - 2012) education at the University of the Western Cape, South Africa. I have relocated Sweden in 2012 to carry out my third cycle – doctoral – education at Karolinska Institutet, where I defended my thesis in the Spring of 2016. My thesis topic was “Traumatic spinal cord injury in South Africa and Sweden: Epidemiologic features and functioning”.

When I am not lecturing or researching I enjoy traveling, listening to music, playing guitar and being active. 

Research description

My primary research focuses include “injury and functioning epidemiology”, “disability assessment”, and “rehabilitation”. In addition, I have a keen interest in health systems research, and I am currently leading an investigation into “Learning Health Systems” for persons with spinal cord injury, as well as stroke, in South Africa and Sweden. I am collaborating with Dr Conradsson on this project, where we aim to unravel healthcare pathways, processes or care, and associated outcomes.

My current post-doctoral work is within the area of neurological intervention research in Parkinson’s disease, with a focus on translating efficacious treatments into clinical practice. To date, I have led the feasibility of translating an intervention into clinical practice and performed an economic evaluation of the initial randomized controlled trial. 


2016, PhD in Medical Science at Karolinska Institutet, Sweden

2012, Master of Science (Physiotherapy), University of the Western Cape, South Africa

2008, Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy), University of the Western Cape, South Africa


Academic honours, awards and prizes

2018: Deputy Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence Award “Emerging researcher in the Community and Health Sciences Faculty”. University of the Western Cape, South Africa

2013-2016: European Commission grant (Erasmus Mundus) for doctoral education at Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden.

2011: Prize for outstanding platform presentation at the World Confederation of Physical Therapy Conference held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2008: Completed B.Sc Physiotherapy Degree  with highest honours Summa Cum Laude