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Research group: Leadership, evaluation and organisational development (LEAD)

Research description

Health care systems in Sweden and many other industrialized countries have undergone major technological, organizational, and financial changes during the last decades. Leadership is not only of great importance for health care organizations and employee working conditions, but also impacts the very quality of care that these organizations strive to deliver.

The overall aim of my thesis was to evaluate interventions aimed at developing health care managers´, doctors´, and medical students´ leadership. The results indicate that both short-term intensive courses and long-term leadership development groups are useful methods for leadership development in health care. Even though the content and the methods used in the studied leadership interventions differ, the interventions seem to complement each other.

A practical implication of my thesis is to initially offer short-term leadership orientation courses to present and future health care leaders followed by long-term leadership development groups in order to further develop participants´ leadership competencies.

Some ongoing projects:

1. Effects of team- and leadership development in health care:

These research projects are run in joint collaboration with Stockholm County Council Area (SLSO) with the aim to study effects of team- and leadership development programs for managers and physicians within SLSO.

2. Collaboration between county councils, municipalities and school - a question of professional social knowledge and how it may change:

The aim is to explore the professionals´ perception of barriers to collaboration and to jointly create a model for sustainable interaction for first-line treatment and care for children and adolescents. The project is a qualitative study within the framework of action research. It describes, interprets and explains social situations while executing a change intervention aimed at improvement and involvement.






Healthcare leadership: Impact of short‐term intensive and long‐term less intensive training programmes.

Bergman D, Fransson‐Sellgren S, Wahlström R, Sandahl C

Leadership in Health Services 2009 ;22(2):161 - 175




Specialist in Peadiatrics

Specialist in Child- and Adolescent Psychiatry