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Dorota Religa

Affiliated to research

About me

Associate Professor

Consultant / Specialist doctor in geriatrics 

Research description

Studies about multimorbidity, dementia, cognition and aging.

Main supervisor

PhD student Pavla Cermakova

MD Maja Nelson

MD Pontus Dannberg


PhD student Marie Tyrrell

PhD student Sharan Ananthaseshan


Main supervisor

Åke Grundberg  Phthesis defended 2015 entitled: Mental health promotion among community dwelling seniors with multimorbidity-perspectives of seniors, district nurses and home care assistants

Main supervisor 

MD Liselia Bognandi

MD Milla Huttula

MD Joel Lovas

MD Lars Cedergren




MD Hanna Eriksson

MD Ingrid Nilsson Modéer


MD 1999

PhD 2006

Associate Professor 2014

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