Elham Rostami

Research fellow, clin.

About me

I’m a neurosurgeon and associate professor in neurosurgery since 2017. My main research area is traumatic brain injury (TBI). I’m member of the European Association of Neurosurgical Societies (EANS) section of trauma neurosurgery and chair of the young committee since 2017.

Research description

Our team is aiming to understand the underlying pathology in different types of TBI as well as improve prediction of outcome. We use multimodal monitoring including microdialysis in the management of TBI patients and use data generated from these monitoring to identify important predictors of outcome. Our preclinical studies include different experimental TBI models, patient-specific iPSC and genetic analysis. My main goal is to identify important prognostic markers and understand why some people recover better than others and what role our genetic background plays.